About the Department

Our Vision

Ensure agriculture and forestry are the leading industries in Tennessee.

Our Mission

Serve, support, and promote agriculture and forestry.

Key Priorities

  • Agricultural Economic Development – Increase profitability and viability of farms, forests, and agribusinesses which are vital to the state’s rural and overall economy. 
  • Workforce Development, Education, and Collaboration – Expand collaborative partnerships and workforce development initiatives through agricultural education and outreach efforts to increase citizen understanding of the importance of food, farm, and forestry resources statewide.
  • Natural Resources Stewardship and Farm Preservation – Improve farm and forest resources through the support of voluntary practices to enhance forest health, water quality, and soil health.
  • Healthy Living – Develop and support collaborative efforts to improve the health, nutrition, and livelihood of all Tennesseans through agriculture.
  • Effective and Efficient Government – Improve the delivery of department services by streamlining programs and organizational structure.