Mortalities Management

The loss of livestock in a production setting is an unfortunate yet inevitable part of the business. Proper disposal of mortalities protects air and water quality as well as reducing the risk of additional animal losses from disease. Day-to-day (routine) mortalities can be managed using composting, freezing/rendering, incineration, landfill, or burial.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture Policy Concerning the Disposal of Dead Farm Animals and the Disposal of Offal from Slaughter Facilities can be found here.

In addition, the University of Tennessee has technical guidance for various methods of mortality management available at:

In the event of catastrophic mortality, or a suspected reportable disease or condition, contact the State Veterinarian's Office at (615) 837-5120 or visit the webpage.

Reportable diseases and conditions in Tennessee can be found here. The TDEC Commercial, Farm and Municipality Composting page can be found here.