Bees Inside a Wall

Swarms of bees sometimes select a hollow cavity inside the wall of a home or other man-made structure. This can be a safety concern because the bees will sting to defend their brood (offspring) and the food.  Avoid walking in front of the entrance because you will block the flight path of bees as they come and go while collecting food.  You should not attempt to remove the bees yourself. Bee removal will require a beekeeper to handle the bees and a carpenter to dismantle and reassemble the wall, and/or a pest control person to kill the bees if no other alternative is possible.  If the bees are killed, the honeycomb still needs to be removed. Honeycomb consists of beeswax and honey. Beeswax is flammable and posses a fire hazard if left inside a wall or other part of the structure. The honey can attract other insects and ooze from the wall in warm weather causing a real mess.