Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a livestock brand?

Applications for brands may be obtained by contacting the Tennessee State Veterinarian’s office at 615-837-5120.

Who is required to have a livestock dealer’s license and how do you apply?

Livestock is defined as cattle, equine, swine, sheep, or goats.  Any person who buys, receives or assembles livestock for resale, either for such person’s own account or that of another person is considered a livestock dealer.  Applications may be obtained by contacting the Tennessee State Veterinarian’s office at 615-837-5120.

Do I need an Equine Infectious Anemia test to sell a horse in Tennessee?

Yes, all horses or other Equidae except foals less than six months of age in the company of their negative dam must have a negative official Equine Infectious Anemia test conducted within six months prior to sale. This test is not required for equine entering an approved livestock market for sale.  Equine Infectious Anemia testing shall be the responsibility of the seller.

Who do I contact regarding veterinary accreditation?

USDA, Veterinary Services at 615-781-5310

Who do I contact for information regarding animals to be exported outside the United States?

Animals exported outside the United States are subject to federal regulations. Contact USDA, Veterinary at 615-781-5310 for further information.

How do I have my poultry flock certified in the National Poultry Improvement Plan?

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is the official state agency for the NPIP in Tennessee. The process of obtaining NPIP certification involves our animal health technician (AHT) visiting your location to test your birds for Pullorum Typhoid (PT) and Avian Influenza (AI). The PT test is conducted by drawing a small amount of blood from the wing, while the AI test involves a swab of the mouth or cloaca. During the initial testing, both PT and AI are assessed. There is a 6-month retest on AI. The PT test will be conducted yearly. The annual fee for the program is $75, and testing is conducted only on birds over 16 weeks old. The only information the state need is your address and best contact information. This can be given to Eric Medley at or by phone 615-361-4997.

More information regarding NPIP can be found here: NPIP | Animal Health (