Livestock & Pets

Dec. 2023 – MESSAGE TO TENNESSEE VETERINARIANS: The Animal Health Division is working to document any canine respiratory illness cases for which there is no etiology identified with laboratory testing.

For testing of atypical canine respiratory infection case samples, we are referring veterinarians to the Michigan State University (MSU) Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. We recommend early sampling in accordance with the guidance outlined on MSU’s webpage here:

Veterinarians may submit samples to the MSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab for initial PCR testing and for additional diagnostics to help identify a causative agent and to guide treatment options after first confirming there is no clear causative agent for a canine respiratory infection.

Please note that TDA’s Animal Health Division is not funding testing. If Tennessee veterinarians have questions, please call Dr. Wesley Crabtree, TDA Staff Veterinarian, at 615-837-5120 or the MSU Lab at 517-353-1683.

Dec. 2023 - ALERT TO DOG OWNERS: The Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s Animal Health Division is working with veterinarians to document any cases of respiratory illness with an unknown cause in dogs.

To keep your pets safe, the State Veterinarian recommends owners ensure their dogs are vaccinated for all respiratory diseases in canines. Additionally, please limit interaction between dogs of unknown vaccination status at places such as dog parks, boarding facilities, doggie daycare, and grooming facilities.

Work with your veterinarian on vaccination schedules and report any illness concerns right away.

Companion animals enrich our lives in many ways. Keeping them healthy is not just something they warrant in return, it also helps protect humans from the transmission of disease.

By providing reduced-cost diagnostic services for companion animals, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture not only serves the needs of Tennessee pet owners and companion animal veterinarians, but also allows monitoring of animals in close contact with people for possible emerging, zoonotic (diseases passed from animals to people) and anthroponotic (diseases passed from people to animals) infectious diseases and environmental toxins. This function is in support of the increasingly important worldwide collaboration among public and animal health officials known as the One Health initiative. If you have any questions please call the C. E. Kord Animal Health Diagnostic Lab at 615-837-5125.