Litter and Manure

If you operate an Animal Feeding Operation on small acreage, the application of litter or manure to crop fields might not be feasible to manage all of your animal waste. Throughout the state, litter and manure is sought after by farmers as fertilizer to enrich cropland.

It is recommended that you keep good records of who buys/receives your litter and manure. Below are two forms that can assist you with your recordkeeping. The first is a list of all the producers or firms that accept your animal wastes. The second is a removal agreement that provides the conditions the recipient must follow when land applying your manure or litter to protect water quality.

Large (Class I) CAFOs must ensure that third parties sign the Agreement for the Removal of Litter Manure and Wastewater for all transfers; all other CAFOs must have an agreement in place for transfers over 100 tons. Tracking litter and manure transfers may also make it easier to complete the required Annual Report. CAFOs must also provide third parties accepting litter and manure a copy of their latest litter/manure analysis.