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The most successful brands seek to create trust with customers and reduce their purchase risk. They are usually in the form of a name, sign, symbol or design that identifies the seller, differentiates a product from its competitor’s offerings, represents a unique image, simplifies and enhances confidence in a product choice, and promotes the development of customer loyalty.

Cooperative geographic branding provides a unique opportunity to differentiate products based on a sense of place – in this case, our fine state of Tennessee – and connect with the qualities associated with that place. Some well recognized examples of geographic branding include “Made in the U.S.A.”, “Florida Orange Juice” and “Pick Tennessee Products”. Each gives local consumers a sense of pride for buying local. They also help establish identity in the marketplace for international consumers.

Brand Goal:

The goal of the Tennessee Wood Products brand is to increase visibility and enhance marketing opportunities for Tennessee’s wood products industry. A primary benefit of this program is to connect consumers of wood products to Tennessee producers and manufacturers through the use of a brand logo that signifies common values and attributes of Tennessee’s abundant, sustainable and quality forest resources, the talented and skilled human resources that service the industry, and the wide diversity of products produced and used in our everyday lives.

Brand Guidelines:

  • Use of the Tennessee Wood Products brand logo is open to any business that produces and/or manufactures wood products in Tennessee.
  • There is no fee to apply, but application is required to join.
  • Use of brand logo must follow the logo use policy.
  • Use and promotion of the brand logo is encouraged on all wood products, packaging, print materials, websites, and other applications.
  • Products bearing the brand logo must meet or exceed U.S. Government and/or State of Tennessee standards and regulations where applicable.

Brand Identity:

Tennessee Wood Products:

  • Use a Renewable Natural Resource - Wood is a raw material derived from a renewable natural resource – trees. Trees in Tennessee cover over half of the state (14 million acres) and have done so for over a half-century following several decades of reforestation. While wood harvests have been increasing steadily over that same time-span, the amount of standing hardwood and softwood timber volume has been increasing also. This suggests not only a renewable resource, but also a sustainable one ripe for growth.
  • Support Local Jobs and Businesses - The forest industry is very important to the economy of Tennessee, accounting for $19.6 billion (3.9 percent) of the state’s $499.9 billion economy (2011). Exports have become an increasingly important role in Tennessee’s forest products economy contributing nearly $1 billion. The primary industries account for 29.7 percent of the forestry workforce, while the secondary industries employ 70.3 percent. When these sectors are combined and added to related supply and other impacted industries, Tennessee’s forest industry accounts for nearly 100,000 workers.
  • Provide Products for Our Everyday Use - Tennessee’s wood products industry is widely distributed across the state and includes hundreds of primary and secondary manufacturing operations. The state consistently ranks as one of the top hardwood lumber producing states and is a significant supplier of softwood lumber and pulp. A wide variety of wood products produced in Tennessee include logs, lumber, cants, biofuel pellets, crossties, decking, houses, furniture, cabinets, flooring, custom furnishings, firewood, handles, paper and packaging. Buying forest products from Tennessee suppliers helps support local landowners and businesses and maintains healthy, working forests.


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