Agricultural Export Summary

Since its early beginnings back in 1796, Tennessee has been gifted with beautiful, productive farmland and diverse forestland. As the state’s number one industry, agricultural and forestry products have always played an integral role in Tennessee's economy. With over 69,000 farming operations and fourteen million acres of forest, it’s clear why agriculture and forestry have such a significant impact on the world’s food and fiber supply chain. That’s why Tennessee means business when it comes to international marketing.

Tennessee products are enjoyed globally. In 2022, Tennessee ranked 18th in the United States for exports. Over the past five years, international exports for the state have increased to more than $2.6 billion, an increase of over 25 percent. Tennessee’s top export product categories include cotton, distilled spirits, bakery goods, cereals, & pasta, and forest products. Most recent data reflects that these top export products have a value of over $2.2 billion. Tennessee products can be found across the globe, with our largest international markets being China, Canada, Turkey, and the Netherlands. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture continues to invest in and emphasize the growth of agricultural and forestry products for export. 

Tennessee is filled with great business leaders and creative entrepreneurs. With the stage set for global success, Tennessee is committed to working toward a vibrant, productive future for Tennessee agriculturalists and forest landowners.

Top Five Agricultural Exports, Estimates, FY 2022

1st Cotton 3 956.6
2nd Distilled Spirits 1 817.7
3rd Bakery Goods, Cereals, & Pasta 5 261.9
4th Forest Products 21 185.4
5th Poultry Meat & Prods. (ex. eggs) 12 156.4
  Total Agricultural Exports 16 2,697.90

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Tennessee is in the Top Ten Among States in the Following

3 Cotton 956.6
1 Distilled Spirits 817.7
5 Bakery Goods, Cereals, & Pasta 261.9
7 Dextrins, Peptones, & Proteins 76.9
7 Rice 10.3
8 Sugars & Sweeteners 37
4 Tobacco 77.8
7 Manufactured Tobacco 8.9

Tennessee's Top Value-Added Agricultural Exports and Their Top Markets

1st Distilled Spirits Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany  817.7
2nd Bakery Goods, Cereals, & Pasta Canada, Mexico, Israel 261.9
3rd Poultry Meat & Prods. (ex. eggs) Angola, Philippines, Canada 156.4
4th Soup & Other Food Preparations Canada, Russia. Peru 73.7
5th Chocolate & Cocoa Products Canada, Dominican Republic, Indonesia  23.5

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