Farmers Market Grant Program

Program Information

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is providing this opportunity through the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP). TAEP is a direct result of the State of Tennessee's continued commitment to supporting farm development and Tennessee's agricultural community.

The purpose of the Farmers Market Grant Program is to increase income to Tennessee farmers by providing assistance for the promotion and/or improvement of farmers markets in communities throughout Tennessee. Farmers markets provide excellent venues for agricultural producers to sell their locally grown, farm fresh products directly to consumers.Program 

Grant funds are available to qualified farmers markets for promotion and certain retail activities. A qualified farmers market will have several farmer-producers selling their own agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, and grains) directly to the general public at a fixed venue and time. Additional factors include established market bylaws, guidelines and management plan. Grants are not available to individuals. Funding is limited and grant requests are competitive.

Contact Information:

Rachel Sullivan