How to Request Reimbursement

To request reimbursement, a producer must first apply and be approved for the requested program. Once approved, they will receive an approval notification, followed by a reimbursement packet. The reimbursement packet will contain paperwork allowing the approved applicant to submit their reimbursement request.

Things to Remember When Requesting Reimbursement

  1. Receipts dated prior to October 1, 2023 are not eligible. All items, regardless of backorder status, must be purchased by the program reimbursement deadline. Backordered items may be ineligible for cost share if not delivered to the farm by the program deadline.
  2. Receipts must be in the name of the applicant approved for cost share funding. Quotes and purchase orders do not represent a purchase and are not considered receipts. Proof of payment may be requested to verify purchase.
  3. Receipts for in-kind services are not eligible. Trade-in value is not eligible.
  4. Used equipment, used materials, and leased equipment are not eligible for cost share reimbursement unless otherwise noted.
  5. Labor provided by applicant is not eligible for cost share reimbursement. Labor is for structures only.
  6. Applicant cannot be reimbursed for purchases from a business where applicant participates in ownership (producer cooperatives excluded).
  7. Applicants cannot combine projects or attach items to another applicant’s project. Applicants cannot submit multiple reimbursement requests for the same purchased item.
  8. Reimbursement documentation must be postmarked or uploaded to your TAEP Online Account Portal by the reimbursement request deadline. Additional processing time is required for incomplete requests and requests submitted within one month of the program deadline. It is recommended you submit your reimbursement request as soon as your project is completed.
  9. There can only be one reimbursement payment per program approval. Projects must be completed by reimbursement deadline.


  1. Applicant must utilize equipment and structures reimbursed with cost share funds for the intended purpose of the program for a minimum of five (5) continuous years from date of purchase. Applicants who fail to comply with minimum use requirements may be required to repay any portion of or all of the funds distributed to them under TAEP.
  2. Site visits relating to the performance of the project before, during, and after completion may take place. Site visits may include verification of cost share guidelines and program eligibility to ensure applicants meet eligibility and minimum livestock/acreage requirements for chosen program(s).
  3. Failure to comply with all aspects of the cost share guidelines may result in denial of applicant approval, denial of reimbursement payments, repayment of cost share funds, and/or suspension from future TAEP funding cycles.
  4. Providing any false, fraudulent, or misleading information may result in suspension of the applicant’s operation, civil litigation, and/or criminal prosecution.

Tennessee Department of Agriculture may:

• Accept, modify, or reject any or all requests.
• Modify program criteria, approval, and payment processes.
• Provide partial funding for specific activity components that may be less than the full amount requested.
    • Require additional information from the applicant.
    • Deny payments for projects that do not meet requirements.