About Apprenticeship TN

Apprenticeship TN is a statewide initiative powered by the Tennessee Workforce Development System (TWDS) developed to create a greater awareness of apprenticeship opportunities for employers and workers in every area of Tennessee.

To help foster a better understanding of the benefits of apprenticeships, Tennessee has established an Office of Apprenticeships, with three regional directors to serve the state. These apprenticeship experts work directly with employers, communities, associations, and organizations to develop and implement new programs.

The TWDS is a consortium of seven state agencies working together to bolster the number of apprenticeships in Tennessee. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Tennessee College System, Tennessee Higher Education Commission, Department of Education, Department of Economic and Community Development, Department of Human Services, and Department of Correction each play a critical role in the Apprenticeship TN program.

TWDS creates a pathway to shared resources between agencies. The partnership allows Tennessee to more efficiently increase the number of apprenticeship programs and participants, helping bridge the skilled labor gap in the state.