Tennessee team officially recognized as pioneer of COABE National Conference Apprenticeship Strand

Monday, April 12, 2021 | 03:10pm

Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) National Conference hosted by Tennessee (March 21st - March 24th) was highly successful with more than 3,200 educators from across the country. During the conference, Tennessee Adult Education and COABE launched the National Apprenticeship Strand covering topics related to pre-apprenticeship programs leading to registered apprenticeships.

COABE is very selective as to what they add as an official strand to the national conference. The Tennessee team advocated the importance of Adult Education and the tie to Registered Apprenticeships. We were fortunate that it was recognized by the COABE board and voted as an official strand to the COABE 2021 National Conference and future conferences. For the 2021 conference, the Tennessee team led multiple discussions, including Registered Apprenticeship programs and how Adult Education can be a partner, how Adult Education can form Certified Pre-Apprenticeships to build talent pipelines for Registered Apprenticeship programs, and how Adult Education works with post-secondary to transition to Registered Apprenticeships.

The Tennessee team was officially recognized as the pioneer of the COABE National Conference Apprenticeship Strand and we are proud of the efforts made by our Adult Education and ApprenticeshipTN teams.