Become an Apprentice

With an apprenticeship, you have the opportunity to gain the skills and technical knowledge needed to become an expert in your chosen field. The nationally recognized credential you earn will lead to higher salaries and greater job opportunities for the rest of your career. And the best part, you get an education without accumulating any student debt.

Benefits of Apprenticeships

  • You can choose a career that interests you. No matter what occupation you are interested in, there is most likely an apprenticeship in that field.  Careers in health care, manufacturing, culinary, information technology, law enforcement, firefighting, and other occupations have apprenticeship programs.
  • You get the chance to be your best. When you start an apprenticeship, you will learn skills from a master craftsman and/or an experienced mentor in your occupation.  You will work with someone who is an expert in their field and who will help you become an expert.
  • You learn a useful skilled occupation. Jobs that start with an apprenticeship are highly skilled and are highly in demand. After all, not everyone has what it takes to be a technically skilled individual. You will receive that specialized training through your apprenticeship. Once you have completed the program, you will have a nationally recognized credential that will be in demand anywhere you go.
  • You earn a paycheck while you learn. Students typically do not get paid to learn, most graduate college with a large amount of student debt. But as an apprentice, you earn while you learn. Apprenticeships combine coursework with on-the-job training. You will earn higher wages as you progress through the apprenticeship and upon completion have an additional wage increase.
  • You are securing your future. With an apprenticeship, you will gain the skills and technical knowledge to become one of the best in your chosen field.   Achieving this high level of skill makes you valuable to an employer and creates job security in a tight skilled labor market.

Finding  an Apprenticeship 

  • If you are already employed and feel an apprenticeship could benefit you, talk with your employer. If your company is interested in starting an apprenticeship program, your employer should contact an Apprenticeship TN Regional Director by emailing
  • If you are not employed, there are several ways you can become an apprentice. Apprenticeship TN can help you find the right employer to meet your career goals.

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