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    Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy (TLETA)

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    On March 17, 2020, in cooperation with Governor Lee’s efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19, the Department of Commerce and Insurance has directed that Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and POST Commission facilities be closed after Monday, March 23, 2020.

    The Basic Law Enforcement School that is scheduled to begin March 28, 2020 is postponed. The March 20, 2020 Orientation for this course is also postponed.

    The POST Transition School that is scheduled to begin March 22, 2020 is postponed.

    The Law Enforcement Management and Administration (LEMA) course that is scheduled to begin April 13, 2020 is postponed.

    Agencies will be notified as soon as new Orientation and/or Check-in dates are established for these classes. While we do not know how long this closure will last, we can say with certainty that no classes will commence prior to April 26, 2020. As always, an Orientation date will be held approximately one week prior to the commencement of any Basic Law Enforcement School.

    Agencies who will need to seek waivers due to delayed entry to these trainings should submit their requests to POST for hearing before the Commissioners. While all facilities will be closed until further notice, many POST and TLETA personnel will be working remotely to provide all possible support during the closure. Thank you for your constant support and we look forward to beginning training again at the earliest possible opportunity. 




    The Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy (T.L.E.T.A.) was authorized by the 1963 General Assembly for the purpose of training state, county and city law enforcement officers. The Academy was brought under the Department of Safety in 1983.

    In 1999, the Academy was awarded accreditation by the Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation Inc., (CALEA), along with other Department of Safety law enforcement divisions. We were brought under the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance in 2006.  This year, T.L.E.T.A. expects to train more law enforcement officers than ever before through its Basic Police Recruit and specialized training courses.

    T.L.E.T.A. also offers Community Policing, Anti-Gang training courses and other training at various sites around the state. This method of training allows officers to receive in-service and advanced training near their duty stations. Goals:

    To provide excellent instruction in basic, advanced and technical subjects for the Tennessee law enforcement community
    To employ teaching methods best suited for the subject taught and the student's particular learning needs
    To continually upgrade course content with the latest research and recommended professional practices
    To stimulate inquiry and provide fresh perspectives on the law enforcement career

    There are four 12-week Basic Police Schools held each year at the Academy.   From 1966 to 2019, there have been 300 Basic Police Schools that have trained 21,369 cadets, as well as 1,808 specialized schools that have trained 56,542 students. 

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