Many of the licenses and permits relating to Tennessee Agriculture can be found here by topic, including Animal Heath Forms & Regulations, Apiary Forms, Burn Permits, Farm Name Registration, Feed, Seed and Fertilizer Forms, Land and Water Stewardship Forms, Pesticide Forms, Plant Certification Forms, Weights and Measures Forms, and TN Department of Agriculture Rules & Regulations.

Notice to Customers

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is making it easier for customers to interact with the Division of Consumer and Industry Services.

Invoices, licenses, and permits have a new look in 2023. Streamlining the documents makes them simpler to interpret and understand.

The new, secure online Trace First CoreOne portal is easing access to invoice, license, and permit information. Business owners can see the status of a license or registration, when payment is due, and the balance owed. Additionally, payments can be made online with a credit card or eCheck, eliminating the need to send payments through the mail.

The first time you log-in:

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As always, we appreciate your partnership in serving the citizens of Tennessee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Consumer and Industry Services Division at (615) 837-5150.