RTI2 Resources

In our effort to support schools and districts in implementing RTI², the department has dedicated staff members in each CORE office (CORE interventionists) and is continually responding to the most frequently asked questions received at RTI.Questions@tn.gov. CORE interventionists and feedback received through RTI.Questions@tn.gov help us identify school and district needs for resources and support.

Below you will find key planning tools and resources to assist you in reflecting on your current RTI2 implementation progress, focus in on the needs of a specific student group or grade level, and see models and examples of materials for your daily work. CORE interventionists have been trained to support all grade levels in utilizing the planning tools and resources and can be contacted to assist districts directly in their RTI2 implementation, evaluation, and improvement.

RTI2 Pitfalls

RTI2 is a general education instructional framework, but practices within the framework have implications related to special education procedural safeguards. The department has created a one-page document and PowerPoint that outlines five tips for school teams and districts to review and follow to avoid violating student and parent safeguards.

Intervention Resources

PBS Learning Media In partnership with the Public Broadcast System (PBS) and Tennessee’s affiliate stations, the department has developed a series of short online learning tools for educators. The RTI2 tool provides educators with a brief summary of RTI2

Universal Screener Criteria The Criteria for Selecting an Intervention in Reading, Mathematics and Writing is designed to help educators evaluate RTI² intervention materials for reading, mathematics and writing.

23-24 Minimum URS Matrix Grades K - 3 (July 2023)

2023-24 Minimum Universal Reading Screener (URS) Matrix Administrative Guidelines K-3

23-24 Minimum URS Matrix Grades 4-8 (July 2023)

2023-24 Minimum Universal Reading Screener (URS) Matrix Administrative Guidelines 4-8

23-24 Minimum URS Matrix Grades 9-12 (July 2023)

Math Rubric 

Literacy Rubric 

Communities of Practice

Dyslexia-specific Interventions Criteria, Student Placement, and Delivery

Family Engagement Resources and Common Dyslexia Myths

High-Quality Tier I Sounds First Instruction Tennessee Foundational Literacy Skills Curriculum

Selecting and Implementing Classroom Access Considerations through an ILP-D

Specific Learning Disability (SLD) vs. Characteristics of Dyslexia (CoD)

English Learners and Characteristics of Dyslexia Screening and Dual Identification Support CoP-2024

Written Expression

Support Tools

Scheduling Tools

Successful implementation of RTI2 requires an effective master schedule that allows ample time to provide intervention.

The following RTI2 resources provides more detailed information on the three-tier framework.

Additional Resources