Waivers/Startup Documents

SY23-24 Summer 2024 Child Nutrition Programs 12(l) Waiver Checklist

SY23-24 Shelby County Waiver Request

SY23-24 Mid-year CEP Election Waiver Request

SY23-24 Noncongregate Meal Service for Unanticipated School Closures Request

Summer 2023 Excessive Heat Waiver Request

SY22-23 Unanticipated School Closure Waiver Request

SY22-23 Remote Instruction OVS Waiver Request

SY22-23 Parent Pickup Waiver Request for Remote Instruction Days

SY22-23 Noncongregate and Meal Time Waiver Request

SY22-23 Unexpected School Closure Waiver Request

Summer 2022 Excessive Heat Waiver Request

SY22-23 COVID Flexibilities

SY22-23 CEP Election Deadline Extension Waiver Request

SY22-23 FFVP Metro Nashville School Waiver Request

2022 Area Eligibility Waiver Request

2022 Administrative Review Waiver Request

SY21-22 FFVP Flexibilities Waiver

2021 SSO Meal Limits Waiver

SY20-21 Monitoring Extension and On-site Monitoring Waiver Request

SY20-21 COVID-19 SSO Operations Waiver

SY20-21 COVID-19 SSO Non-congregate Waiver

SY20-21 COVID-19 FFVP Parent Pick Up Waiver

SY20-21 COVID-19 FFVP Alternate Pick Up Location Waiver

SY20-21 COVID-19 Afterschool Snack Waiver July 2020

COVID-19 Potable Water Waiver- July 2020

COVID-19 Operation Waiver Request- June 2020

COVID-19 Non-congregate Feeding Extension Waiver-2020

COVID-19 Meal Pattern Flexibility Waiver-May 2020

COVID-19 Unexpected School Closures Waiver- March 2020

COVID-19 Non-congregate feeding waiver- March 2020

 COVID-19 Area Eligibility waiver request- March 2020