Teacher Leadership

In 2011, the Tennessee State Board of Education adopted the Teacher Leader Model Standards, which provide a cohesive, transparent set of skills and competencies to guide and encourage the development of teacher leaders. The Tennessee Teacher Leader Guidebook contains different models that are grounded in these standards and provides clear and different pathways for our schools and districts to consider when attempting to leverage the power and potential of teacher leader development. Creating a strong group of teacher leaders in Tennessee has multiple benefits:

  • Increased student achievement and growth through the development of a shared leadership structure at the school level
  • Broader dissemination and use of effective teacher strategies through an increase in teacher collaboration
  • Stronger and more positive school and district culture through the development and retention of highly effective teachers.


2018 Teacher Leader Action Briefs

With a grant from Chiefs for Change, teacher leaders are partnering with the department to create four Teacher Leader Action Briefs that highlight the great things teachers are doing for students across the state that will ultimately lead to improved student outcomes. These briefs, written by teacher leaders in partnership with the department, focus on the following key actions related to the Tennessee Succeeds strategic plan: