Well Driller or Installer License


This page is intended to provide well driller and installer license holders, and prospective license holders with the information they need to apply for a new license, renew an existing license, and to maintain compliance with continuing education requirements.

Who Needs One?

Any individual who conducts, manages, or supervises the digging, drilling, redrilling, or performs maintenance of a well or anyone who installs, or repairs well pumps, filters, treatment devices, or geothermal closed loops must obtain a license from the TDEC, Division of Water Resources.

Tennessee licensed general contractors, licensed electricians, and licensed plumbers ARE NOT permitted to install or perform maintenance on water wells, water well pumps, or water well treatment systems unless they are also licensed by the TDEC, Division of Water Resources as described on this page.

Licenses expire on July 31 each year and must be renewed. See the License Renewal section below. Licenses are issued to individuals, not companies, and are not transferable.

What Information Must I Provide?

Applicants for a new license must submit the following items with the proper fees to begin the licensure application process:

  • A completed “Application for Well Driller or Installer License” form which requires the applicant’s name, birth date, social security number, education information; firm name, address, and telephone number; type of applicant; type of license applied for; number of employees; list of other professional licenses; counties where business will be conducted; types of rigs operated to obtain experience; list of employees to be supervised; and employment history.
  • An applicant must have a minimum of two years of experience working in the occupation for the license applied for. Required proof of this experience will be submitted with the application in one of the following ways as prescribed in the application:
    • A list of ten (10) wells that the applicant has constructed during a minimum of the last two years before the date of making the application for a license.
    • Copies of occupational licenses or certificates from the previous two (2) years

What Fees Are Required?

The applicant must submit the fee for each license type desired.

  • Water Well Driller License Application Fee - $100.00
  • Monitor Well Driller License Application Fee - $100.00
  • Geothermal Well Driller License Application Fee - $100.00
  • Pump Installer License Application Fee - $50.00
  • Water Treatment Installer License Application Fee - $50.00

How Will My Application Be Processed?

The application should be submitted to Water.Well@tn.gov. When the application is received, Division personnel will reach out to you by email to make arrangements for the application payment.

Once the application and application fee is received, a detailed review of the application is conducted and applicants are notified in writing (via email) if applications are incomplete. Once the application is deemed complete, applicants are notified in writing of the date, time, and location of required written examinations. Applicants must score seventy (70) percent correct or above on the general exam and seventy (70) percent on any specialty portion of the exam. Applicants who successfully pass the written examinations will be scheduled for an interview with the Board of Groundwater Management (The Board).

The Board will interview the applicant to determine the quality and quantity of the applicant’s experience. Upon completion of the interview, the Board will make a recommendation to the Commissioner for licensing of the applicant.

What Are My Rights and Responsibilities After Becoming Licensed?

The applicant has the right to proceed with activities approved in the license. They must notify the Department of any changes to application information. The applicant is responsible for following all applicable state statutes and regulations. Applicants have the right to appeal a license that has been denied, suspended, or revoked.

What Are the Division’s Rights and Responsibilities After the Applicant Becomes Licensed?

The Division has the right to revoke, suspend, or deny the issuance or renewal of a license to any applicant who violates the state statutes or departmental regulations. Any person who violates or fails to comply with the state statutes, rules, or regulations may be subject to civil penalties.

Whom Do I Contact for Applications, Assistance, and Other Information?

Applicants may obtain an application by downloading them from this page. Any additional questions will be answered by sending an email to Water.Well@TN.gov.

Annual License Renewal

All Driller and Installer licenses will expire if not renewed by July 31, each year. License holders are responsible for submitting the renewal documents and paying the license renewal fees. License holders will receive a reminder postcard on or about May 15th, 2024 that will direct them to this web page. The Division will begin accepting renewals after the postcards are mailed to the license holders. License renewal submissions will not be accepted before May 15th, 2024.

License Renewal Instructions for July 31, 2024 Renewal Deadline:

Step 1: Download and complete the Renewal Application (required for all licensees) & the Affidavit of Supervision (as needed).

Step 2: E-mail the following items to Water.Well@TN.gov with “Renewal Application” and your license number in the subject line.

a. Completed License Renewal Application.

b. Any Affidavits of Supervision for certified operators. An existing operator certificate will expire if a new Affidavit of Supervision is not received. The notary’s seal on the Affidavit of Supervision must be legible. It is recommended that the notary use an inked stamp.

c. Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificates covering a minimum of five (5) hours credit. First-year license holders are not required to submit CEUs for their first, partial year.

Notes: Please attach ALL necessary documents for the renewal in PDF format to a single e-mail. Alternatively, if you prefer to mail the renewal documents, please contact the water well program at 615-532-0192 for mailing instructions. Please allow an additional three weeks for processing mailed renewal applications to ensure that your license does not expire.

Step 3: Pay the renewal fee invoice.
You will receive a renewal fee invoice in the mail from the TDEC Division of Fiscal Services. Once you have received your invoice, you may choose one of the following options for payment.

Option 1 - Make payment online: You will need information provided on the mailed invoice in order to pay online. Once you have received your invoice, pay your invoice through the online portal at the following web address:
TDEC Community - Pay TDEC Invoice .
Option 2 – You may mail your payment to the Division of Fiscal Services following the instructions provided with the invoice.

If you have any questions about fee payment, please reach out to Gregory Daivs at Gregory.Davis@tn.gov or by phone at (615) 532-0324.

Once the Division of Water Resources has confirmed that all of the above steps are complete, the Division will send your new license card, operator cards (if appropriate), and vehicle decals to the address noted on your renewal application form via US Postal Service.


These courses are listed to assist licensed drillers, pump installers, and treatment installers in finding online training opportunities.  None of the listings below are sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.  We do not have any control over fees, refunds, training certificates, or log-in information.  It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that he/she is able to obtain a certificate of completion from the publisher of the course.  Once a certificate is obtained, it is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure that the Division of Water Resources receives a copy.  ALWAYS keep a copy of the certificates for your own files. Courses regarding regulatory requirements in states other than Tennessee will not be accepted for Tennessee CEU credit. 

All Star Training

Phone: 817-385-1136

What: On-Demand, Online Training
When: 24/7 On-Demand
Where:  Online

→→Course Options:
→Common Causes of Well Failure 1 (1 Hr.)
→Common Causes of Well Failure 2 (1 Hr.)
→Corrosion in Water Supply Wells (1 Hr.)
→Water Well Rehabilitation (1 Hr.)
→Groundwater Under Direct Influence of Surface Water (1 Hr.)
→Locating Water Wells (1 Hr.)
→Hydrogeology for Well Drillers (1 Hr.)
→5 HR Tennessee CEU Credits (5 Hr.)


American Ground Water Trust

Phone: 800-423-7748

What: Conferences and Workshop Training
When: See the website for the schedule
Where: Multiple locations, see website for locations.


Charger Water Treatment Products, LLC
Phone: 423-664-6241

What: Water Treatment Training
When: Contact Provider
Where: 3081 Horseshoe Bend Lane, Knoxville, TN 37931

Course Options:
→Air Injected Oxidization Technology


Franklin Electric (Franklin Tech)

Phone: David Bumbalough (765) 499-1165

What: On-Demand, On-Line Training Opportunities
When: On-Demand
Where: Online

Note: The attendee will need to create an account, then look for the class under “Certifications”. The course title is “Residential Submersible Systems Certification”.


Goulds Water Technology

What: On-Demand, On-Line Training
When: Variable
Where:  Online

Course Options:
→Variable Frequency Drive Course (1.5 Hrs.)
→Basic Water Systems (1.5 Hrs.)
→Introducing Goulds Water Technology – 4” Submersible Pumps (1.5 Hrs.)
→Introducing Goulds Water Technology – Jet Pumps (1.5 Hrs.

Tennessee Licensees - Courses may be taken only once every 2 years. Users must complete and submit a User Verification Form within 10 days of completing the course.


International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA)

Phone: 1 (800) 626-4747

What: On-Demand, online, and in-person courses for those interested in Geothermal systems.
When: See the Website for the schedule.
Where: See Website for schedule.


International School of Well Drilling (ISWD)

What: On-Demand, On-Line Training (13 courses available)
When: Variable-See Website for Schedule
Where:  Online


Kentucky Groundwater Association (KYGWA)

Dave Schulenberg - Executive Director
Phone: 800-858-4844

What: 2024 Kentucky Groundwater Association Annual Conference and Trade Show
When: March 7-8, 2024
Where: Holiday Inn - Louisville East, Louisville, Kentucky

Event Website


National Drilling Association

Phone: 877-632-4748

What: DrillExpo 2024 - NDA Annual Conference & Trade Show
When: September 25-26, 2024
Where: Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Course Options:
See the Agenda on website

What: On-Demand, On-Line Training
When: Variable
Where:  Online

Course Options:
→Online courses to be added pending an update to the training website


National Groundwater Association (NGWA)

Phone: 800-551-7379

What: Events and Education, on-demand, online training
When: Variable
Where:  Online

Groundwater Week

Groundwater | NGWA Certification exams

On-Demand Course Options

What: NGWA Groundwater Week
When: December 5-7-2023
Where:  Las Vegas Convention Center


North Carolina Ground Water Association (NCGWA)

What: 2024 Continuing Education & Trade Show
When: January 25-26, 2024
Where:  Embassy Suites, Greensboro, NC 27049

Course Options:
→Introduction to Business Succession Planning for the Water Well Industry (1 Hour)
→Legal Issues Impacting the Water Well Industry (1 Hour)
→Just Drive: Deliver Distraction Free (1 Hour)
→Applied Groundwater Hydrology for Contractors (2 Hours)


OSHA Training (29CFR 1910.120)

What: General OSHA training
When: Variable
Where: Multiple online or in-person providers

Course Options:
→24/40 HR HAZWOPER (8 HR Refresher Course)


Private Well Class

Phone: 866-522-2681

What: Scheduled Webinars, Training, Conference; Workshops
When: Variable - visit the website to register for webinars, etc.
Where: Variable

Note: please make sure that the host is issuing CEU certificates for the desired classes before beginning a class.


South Atlantic Jubilee

Phone: 855-987-7469

What: Conference and Trade Show
When: July 27 - 29, 2024
Where: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Please note that the dates for the 2024 Jubilee do not span the CEU deadline of July 31.
Credits earned in July of 2024 will only count towards the 2023–2024 renewal cycle.
None of the credits earned at this show will count towards the 2024–2025 renewal cycle.


Tennessee Water Well Association (TWWA)

Phone:  865-761-4363

What: West Tennessee Meeting
When: November 10, 2023
Where: Pickwick Landing State Park
Point of Contact: Kendra Gentry 931-852-4745

What: East Tennessee Meeting
When: March 1-2, 2024
Where: Park Vista Hotel, Gatlinburg, TN
Point of Contact: Summer Lane


The Driller

Phone: 248-362-3700

What: On-demand, online training
When: Variable-See Website for schedule
Where:  Online

Course Options:
→Safety from Start to Finish (1 Hr.)
→Building Blocks to Think Like a Driller (1 Hr.)
→Solids Control Methods, Selection, and Execution (1 Hr.)


Vector Solutions

What: On-Demand, On-Line training
When: Variable
Where:  Online

Course Options:
→Water Well Design
→PVC Pipe, Which Should I Use?
→Basics of Water Resources: Groundwater Hydrology
→Basics of Water Resources: Groundwater Contamination
→Effective Groundwater Supply Management


Water Quality Association (WQA)

Phone: 630-505-0160

What: 2024 WQA Convention and Expo
When: March 5-7, 2024 (See the website for the schedule)
Where: Orlando, FL

Daniel LeBlanc (Training Coordinator) 630-929-2508