Archaeology Publications

Below you will find links to the Tennessee Division of Archaeology Publications and to the Tennessee Archaeology e-Journal.

The TDOA Publications page contains the reports written about work conducted by the TDOA throughout its history. We are working on providing all of these reports in electronically available, full-color PDFs. As older reports are digitized, they will be added as accessible PDFs to the TDOA Publications Page.

The Tennessee Archaeology e-Journal is an online electronic format print journal that is peer-reviewed and offered for free. It contains articles about current research being conducted by archaeologists in Tennessee.

Division of Archaeology Publications

Click for a listing and PDFs of the TDOA's reports. 


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Tennessee Archaeology e-journal

Click for PDFs of the Tennessee Archaeology E-Journal. 

TDOA Staff Publications

Click for a partial bibliography of Tennessee-related archaeological research published by current and former Tennessee Division of Archaeology employees using data collected while at the TDOA.

Tennessee Department of Transportation Archaeology Publications

Click for a list of publications created by the Tennessee Department of Transportation's archaeology section concerning archaeological investigations for various TDOT projects.