Tennessee Nutrient Reduction Framework


Nutrients are naturally occurring and essential components of healthy aquatic systems. However, excessive amounts of nutrients can impact water quality.  We have over 3000 miles of streams and over 15,000 acres of lake in Tennessee that are impaired due to nutrients.  

Tennessee has developed the Tennessee Nutrient Reduction Framework as part of our efforts to accomplish long-term nutrient reduction in our water resources.   TDEC drafted a nutrient reduction framework to guide permitting and voluntary non-point source coordination. The documents outline Tennessee's framework as well as implementation. As a part of TDEC’s integrated approach to nutrient management,  TDEC’s Division of Water Resources created a voluntary program, The Tennessee Plant Optimization Program (TNPOP). The program provides resources to water and wastewater operators to achieve optimization in nutrient removal and energy use  in their facilities through low-and-no-cost measures. 

For more information please contact Karina Bynum at Karina.Bynum@tn.gov or 931-217-6638.

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