TDEC Self Policing Policy

The TDEC Self Policing and Voluntary Correction Policy is a policy that encourages a business that discovers they have an issue such as not having a permit or a similar that would otherwise result in a violation, to self disclose that issue. It does not cover issues that are included as conditions within a permit. Working with the SBEAP is considered a method of self discovery if an issue is discovered. Read through the policy to see if it applies to you.

The Request for Monetary Penalty Waiver is a simple form that is associated with the TDEC Self Disclosure Policy and provides the details of what was discovered, how it was discovered, and the steps taken to return to compliance voluntarily.  This form can be emailed to

Please be aware that even if an issue is self disclosed, a violation may still be issued. There may or may not also be a monetary penalty associated with it. But the act of self disclosure and self correction is taken into account during the enforcement process.