Compliance & Inspections

The Division wants to work with our tank owners and operators to not only provide requirements for the rules and regulations but offer guidance and educational resources as well.  We hope that you will find this section useful and if you have suggestions or questions, please let us know.

Preparing for a Compliance Inspection

For some people, notice of a visit from a compliance inspector from the Tennessee Division of Underground Storage Tanks is stressful. Many tank owners or their representatives go into an inspection unprepared. They may spend considerable time while an inspector is on site looking for records or other paperwork. The following two documents should help the tank owner or operator better prepare for a compliance inspection.

Preparing for an Inspection (pdf)

Facility Inspection Form (CN-0983)  This will let you know the kinds of things division inspectors look for and records you will be expected to have.

A Few Words About Inspectors...

You may have some apprehension about the inspection itself and about inspectors. Compliance inspectors are trained professionals. They are taught how to identify and recognize compliance violations. You will find inspectors more than willing to go the extra mile to share their knowledge and experience in helping you solve any compliance problems you may have. They may not know every answer, but they will be willing to help you contact someone who can answer your questions. Inspectors cannot give you advice on business decisions you must make such as what brand of equipment to purchase or install, or which vendor to use. You should see them as allies, and you will find that they can be just that. However, a thorough inspection may turn up violations, and if that happens. Inspectors will work with you to help you return to compliance.

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