Operator Training

Effective August 8, 2012, all regulated Tennessee UST facilities must have one or more persons who have been designated by the tank owner and trained as Class A, Class B, and Class C Operator(s).

The tank owner must use Tennessee Tank Helper to create an account and designate Class A and Class B operators at each facility. If the Class A and/or Class B operators change, the new operator(s) must be designated within 30-days. If you need assistance, please contact Travis Treece at (615) 517-8098 or by email.  Significant violations found during an inspection will require operator retraining.  Below are the definitions of each operator class.

Options to Comply with Operator Training Requirements:

  • Tennessee Tank Helper

The Division provides a free online training program to meet all operator class requirements. An UST system owner can complete the operator training based on the existing notification information for the facility. The owner must update incorrect information by completing an amended Notification for Underground Storage Tanks (CN1260). UST system operators are required to complete all training modules. A certificate can be printed when the training modules have been successfully completed.  For more information about Tennessee Tank Helper click here

  • Tank School

The Division provides a one-day training class, taught by Division personnel, for owners/operators or any interested parties.  The class covers all aspects of UST operational compliance. Anyone who scores 70% or higher on the class final exam will receive a certificate of A/B operator training.  For additional information and the Tank School schedule click here

  • National UST System Operator Exam

A Class A and/or Class B operator exam administered by the International Code Council (ICC) can be used to meet the Class A and/or B operator training. There is a nominal charge for each exam and if the applicant successfully completes the exam, they receive a certificate good for two years.  For more information about this certification please visit the ICC's website.

Additional Resources

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