Case Studies

Walnut Street Bridge, Chattanooga

Case studies are an accessible way to report on the many health-promoting successes happening across our state. These studies are part of a statewide inventory of plans, policies and improvements to the built environment, which promote healthier and more active lifestyles. Focusing primarily on Tennessee’s rural communities, studies were compiled highlighting topics such as master plans, corridor studies, sidewalk improvements, multi-modal access and even a community kitchen.  Case studies are listed alphabetically by city name and in PDF format available for download by clicking on the topic.


Fact Sheets

These fact sheets were developed by the Tennessee Department of Transportation:

Fact Sheet: Bike / Pedestrian Master Plan
Fact Sheet: Complete Streets
Fact Sheet: Corridor Study
Fact Sheet: Local Road Design Guidelines
Fact Sheet: Road Diet
Fact Sheet: Transportation Ordinance
Fact Sheet: Transportation System Management