About Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program


The Tennessee Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (TAPPP) is a state funded program that incorporates community-based awareness and prevention education through community services, education, collaborations and partnerships. TAPPP focuses on three primary goals:     

  • Promote Total Community Involvement  
    • Raise awareness of the issues dealing with teen sexuality thru partnerships and coalitions        
  • Reduce the Incidence of Teen Pregnancy in Tennessee
    • Provide information, program, strategies and activities for parents, teens and educators in the community 
  • Improve and Coordinate Services Available for Pregnant Teenagers and Teenage Parents 
    • Collaborate with community youth serving agencies and local media outlets to provide resources, increase developmental assets, and awareness related to the needs of youth and teens. 

For More Information

Brittney Graham, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Director 



Contact Regional TAPPP Coordinator