Bureau Services


The Bureau has provided a comprehensive directory of all forms. Spanish versions are available where applicable.

Mediation Services

Get help from our mediation program designed to help resolve disputed issues in a workers’ compensation claim.

Court of WC Claims

The Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims (CWCC) is an administrative court which adjudicates disputed claims if the date of injury is on or after July 1, 2014.

Appeals Board

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board provides all employers and employees of Tennessee fair and accurate reviews of orders issued by Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims.

Medical Programs

If an employee gets hurt at work or gets sick from his/her job an employer is expected to immediately notify their insurance carrier or third party administrator (TPA) so that the claim can be processed timely.

Medical Fee Schedule

The MFS applies to all medical services, equipment or supplies and is applicable to all injured employees claiming workers’ compensation benefits under Tennessee’s workers’ compensation law, no matter where the injury took place. An absolute fee for services is not set, but rather, a maximum amount that may be paid. 

Adjuster Certification Program

Insurance adjusters are encouraged to participate in this voluntary two-day class, pass a final exam, and be recognized by the Bureau as "certified".

Subsequent Injury and Vocational Recovery Fund

This fund provides benefits to eligible previously-injured workers who have been are impaired by an additional workplace injury that renders the worker permanently disabled (Subsequent Injury Fund) as well as educational funds to re-enter the workforce with new skills (Next Step Program).