Workers' Compensation Exemption Registry

The Workers’ Compensation Exemption Registry is for the purpose of establishing construction service providers who are exempt from workers’ compensation coverage and in no way reflects licensing or certification of any construction services provider. Non-construction business owners are not eligible to obtain an exemption on this registry. A list of business types that are eligible for this registry can be found here.

If you have received a request for additional information, please send the necessary documentation or corrected information to If you have a question about the information needed, please call our office at 615-532-1319.


Search the Workers' Compensation Exemption Registry and view general information about an Exemption Registration.

Forms and FAQs

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or download forms for Workers' Compensation Exemption Registry filings.

Register an Initial Exemption

File an Initial Workers' Compensation Exemption Registration in the registry.

Renew Exemption Registration

Renew an existing initial workers' compensation exemption registration.

Request a Copy

Obtain an official copy of an existing Workers' Compensation Exemption Registration, as was provided at the time the exemption was filed.

Submit a Correction

Update or correct any information on an existing active exemption.

Apply for a Reinstatement

Reinstate an initial exemption that has been temporarily revoked.

Register a Subsequent Exemption

File a new Subsequent Workers' Compensation Exemption Registration in the registry. If you have an Initial Registration and have an additional business entity to register, file a Subsequent Registration.

Renew a Subsequent Exemption

Renew an existing subsequent workers' compensation exemption registration.

Reinstate a Subsequent Exemption

Reinstate an initial or subsequent exemption that has been temporarily revoked.

Revoke My Exemption Status

Voluntarily revoke your exemption to remove your name from the registry.

Download the Database

Download the Workers' Compensation Exemption database.

Questions about the Exemption Registry? Email us at or call (615) 532-1319.