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Tennessee's Workforce Reimagined takes an in-depth look at the many services each division within the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development offers and how they each work towards creating jobs or a safe work environment for Tennesseans. From American Job Centers to Tennessee OSHA and the state's Elevator Unit, the Department provides citizens with diverse services. Each month, guests will discuss these services and how they impact the lives of tens of thousands of people each day.         

TN's Workforce Reimagined - Commissioner Deniece Thomas (Premiere Episode)

Commissioner Deniece Thomas talks with Chief Communications Officer Chris Cannon about her history with the Department and her rise to the Commissioner's office. She also discusses why there is a need to reimagine Tennessee's workforce and her strategy to make that happen. The Commissioner also discusses other key initiatives to grow Tennessee's Labor Force Participation Rate so businesses can continue to thrive in the state. (May 10, 2023)

Tennessee's Workforce Reimagined

TN's Workforce Reimagined - New Pathways to a Diploma (Latest Episode)

Host Chris Cannon speaks with Alex Beene, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and Tom Stolarick, the Director of Academic Services, about new pathways to achieving a high school equivalency diploma. A handful of tests in addition to the HiSet exam will be offered for students to take the exam best suited for them. If you have additional questions about the pathways to a diploma, please call 1-800-531-1515 or send an email to 8, 2024)

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