Accreditation & Person Centered Practice


In August 2012, the Department embarked on a new initiative called Person Centered Excellence: Network Accreditation through The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL). Person-Centered Excellence: Network Accreditation promotes quality improvement processes in conjunction with the network’s members, thereby establishing and supporting community partnerships among all participants. It supports strategic planning and creates a framework of sustainability by training state and regional office staff.  The process supports decision-making through data collection and analysis, as well as leadership development for self-advocates.

In January 2015, DIDD became the first accredited state service delivery system for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the United States by The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL). Since 1969, CQL has been a leader in the definition, measurement, and improvement of quality of life for persons receiving services and supports. The department received accreditation from CQL which offers consultation, accreditation, training and certification services to organizations and systems focused on person-centered excellence.

Central Office leadership staff and Regional Accreditation Teams continue to collect data, provide training, and work towards achievement of the goals set forth in the Accreditation Plans developed to maintain accreditation and make necessary system improvements. The Accreditation Plans utilize CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures ® and Basic Assurances ® to measure and promote systemic improvements across the DIDD Provider Network.

More information about Accreditation can be found on the Network Accreditation page.


Person Centered Practices

DIDD made great strides in becoming a person centered system and moving the initiative to providers. The Person Centered Organizations (PCO) initiative being implemented across the country; is also an international effort to promote enhanced systems that improve personal outcomes for the people supported. Working alongside the Council of Quality Leadership (CQL), DIDD has incorporated person centered practices into the DIDD service delivery system.

Person Centered Thinking- Person Centered Thinking Training continues to be offered on a monthly basis at the regional offices. Times and dates for the classes can be found on the DIDD website. The PCT trainers are also available to go to provider agencies and facilitate PCT training, which provides options for providers who struggle to send staff to the trainings at the regional office.

Person Centered Organizations- With Person Centered Units in both the Central Office and each Regional Office, providers have direct access to training, mentoring and assist in developing methods to becoming a PCO. In becoming a PCO, strategies are identified that assist organizations to become more person centered in their practices. Organizations learn to use the person centered tools/skills for solving problems and to achieve organizational goals and outcomes. The process supports organizations in becoming more efficient in their work while helping the people who use their services have lives they desire.

People Planning Together- This two-day training is a course on being a self-advocate during the person centered planning process. Intended for persons supported, the training teaches participants how to develop a person centered plan. Learn more about our PPT Class in this video.

Person Centered Practices Advisory Council- This advisory council is comprised of self-advocates, providers, person centered thinking trainers, accreditation team members and other stakeholders. The group meets on a quarterly basis, and they make recommendations on how to continue to embed Person Centered Practices within the state system.

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