Person-Centered Excellence: Network Accreditation

In January 2015, DIDD received Person-Centered Excellence: Network Accreditation from The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).  The Person-Centered Excellence: Network Accreditation process is designed to assess the quality of services and supports delivered by the department and its contracted providers.  As a result of the accreditation process, DIDD better understands how people using their services define quality of life.  The department is using that information to guide systemic changes to improve people’s lives. DIDD and CQL worked toward this milestone for more than two years through interviews with people using services, focus groups of families, staff, and managers, provider assessments, and a self-assessment of DIDD policies and practices.

Since that announcement, DIDD has maintained an Accreditation Plan. Many of the goals within the Accreditation Plan have been achieved, and DIDD continues to have dedicated teams working in each region with providers.  DIDD is continuing to maintain accreditation by ensuring that the Basic Assurances® and Personal Outcome Measures® are ingrained in the policy and practice of the service-delivery system.  The goals of the Accreditation Plan help DIDD and providers to support Tennesseans who receive DIDD services to live the lives they choose as well as align with the Center for Medicaid Services Final Settings Rule.

For more information about CQL and their accreditation program, please visit their website at this link.

Accreditation Data Review 2018