Person Centered Practice

Person Centered Practices (PCP) is an exponent for people receiving supports. PCP acknowledges that those supported will have better-quality lives; by means of active social roles, community connections, enhanced planning and significant influence with independent decision-making.

In this video, you'll meet the team at Core Services of Northeast Tennessee and hear their success in implementing Person-Centered Practices to improve their services for persons supported. 


Is Your Circle of Support Struggling to...

  • Better support someone with HIGH RISK BEHAVIORS
  • Ensure a successful TRANSITION FROM A NURSING HOME , DEVELOPMENTAL CENTER OR ICF-ID to community living
  • Bring a larger community together to "brain storm" SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES when other options have failed
  • Ensure a successful TRANSITION FROM A MENTAL HEALTH SETTING to the community
  • Enable a person to SUCCESSFULLY MOVE FROM THEIR FAMILY'S HOME into their own Supported Living home

Contact Us and Set Up a Person-Centered Meeting. We are also available to help with other barriers using Person Centered Thinking tools. This may include helping to define core job responsibilities (donut sort) or what's working/ what's not working with your COS.

Contact Information by Region
West Tennessee
Karla Goodman
Middle Tennessee
Amanda Brewer
East Tennessee
Suzanne Richards