Office of Licensure

The DIDD Office of  Licensure functions to protect the interest of tax-paying citizens against unlicensed service providers, unsafe environments, inadequate education and training of personnel, physical and mental abuse and any unscrupulous acts deemed detrimental to the treatment and general welfare of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This also includes those in need of personal support services.

Operating out of three regional offices -one in each grand region of the state, licensure staff:

  • Conduct unannounced inspections and follow-up inspections of licensed facilities
  • Develop the supporting documents needed to issue licenses
  • Ensure reports of abuse and deficiency in operation of a facility or service are investigated
  • Maintain current files and appropriate records for all facilities and services licensed by the department
  • Provide consultation and technical assistance as needed to licensed and proposed programs

Please contact designated Licensure staff as follows to:

  • Report suspected violations of licensure rules
  • Submit formal or general complaints about any licensed service or facility
  • Request a courtesy consultation
  • Receive a fees invoice

Regional Surveyors

West Middle East

Lisa Wilson
(731) 426-1811 (Office)  

Brittney Hill
(731) 426-1814 (Office)

Tabitha Johnson
(615) 770-1004 (Office)

Gidgett Jones
(615) 532-4609 (Office)

Shannon Wallin
(423) 787-6553 (Office)

Jerita Barkley
(423) 787-6889 (Office)