Office of Risk Management

The mission of the Risk Management Unit is to provide independent and objective assurance services designed to enhance, add value to, and improve DIDD’s operations.  The Risk Management Unit aims to help DIDD accomplish its objectives by utilizing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate the effectiveness of risk management, internal control, compliance, and governance processes.  The Risk Management Unit is functionally subdivided into an Audit Team and a Risk Assessment Team.

Risk Assessment Team

The Risk Assessment Team assesses and monitors various aspects of DIDD’s operations and submits reports to the DIDD Audit Committee on a quarterly basis.  The Risk Assessment Team focuses primarily on the risks identified in DIDD’s Risk Assessment.  DIDD conducts an annual Risk Assessment to fulfill the statutory enterprise risk management and assessment requirements of TCA 9-18-101, known as the Tennessee Financial Integrity Act.

Internal Audit Lead
Cindy Hunter
(615) 231-5399

Risk Assessment Resources

Allegations of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse can be submitted to DIDD’s Internal Audit Unit or the State Comptroller’s Hotline

DIDD Risk Management Unit
(615) 770-1012

State Comptroller's Hotline
(800) 232-5454

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Fraud, Waste & Abuse poster