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Each year, as required, the Department provides an overview of the previous fiscal year through the DIDD Annual Report. The Annual Report is a useful publication for stakeholders to learn about the organizational structure and accomplishments of the Department. Updates from all Divisions include data trends and major achievements.  

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Systems Data

The Compliance Unit in the Office of Quality Management oversees the collection, analysis and distribution of data related to services and supports provided by DIDD. This includes data about census, waiting list, service authorizations, incidents and investigations, complaints, appeals, quality assurance surveys, fiscal accountability reviews and CMS performance measures. The Compliance Unit is also responsible for assuring that all required contract deliverables related to the Statewide, Self Determination and the Arlington/CAC waiver programs are submitted timely and correctly to the Bureau of TennCare.

The DIDD Data Management Report (DMR) is produced on a monthly basis over the course of the fiscal year. The DMR is a collaborative report with information submitted by various disciplines throughout DIDD. Data for census, waiting list, complaints, service requests and authorizations, protection from harm statistics and quality assurance surveys are compiled for systems review and disseminated to the DIDD management, as well as posted to the DIDD website.  The data is also analyzed quarterly for noted trends. 

The Compliance Unit also produces the Quality Management Report on a monthly basis. This report is used by DIDD and the Bureau of TennCare management to ensure statewide compliance is consistently meeting or exceeding the requirements of CMS.  The Quality Management Report focuses on the compliance percentages of six major performance areas or assurances:  Administrative Authority, Level of Care, Health and Welfare, Service Plans, Qualified Providers and Financial Accountability.  Each area is comprised of sub assurances and performance measures. Each DIDD waiver is reported separately as part of the Quality Management Report.  As a CMS requirement, all performance measures must maintain a compliance percentage of 86% or higher.  All findings must be remediated to 100% within 30 days of discovery, and performance measures that are repeatedly below the 86% compliance threshold must have a quality improvement plan developed.  Below is a composite of DIDD’s performance at the assurance level.

Lifecycle: Please note that the most current report is for the previous month. Reports for any given month are completed at the end of that month and made available here.

* Due to the unprecedented and unforeseen reporting of COVID-19 testing to DIDD Event Management, we are unable to report the regional and total event numbers of August 2020 by the required submission date. We will be able to include these numbers in the November 2020 report.

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