Investigations Follow-Up

The DIDD Investigations Follow-Up Unit is responsible for reviewing investigation reports submitted by DIDD Investigators and Provider Investigators to ensure effective responses to events involving harm or risk of harm to persons supported. The DIDD Investigations Follow-Up Unit shall determine the necessity for any follow-up review needed. The provider will complete the Action Plan for all substantiated allegations, both Class I and Class II. Following the closure of the Final Investigative Report, the provider will have ten (10) business days to draft an Action Plan and submit it to the DIDD Investigations Follow-Up Unit and the respective MCO. The Action Plan shall address each Informational Finding and late reporting discovered as a means of provider self- improvement. During this time, the provider will continue to discuss the outcome of the investigation with the person(s) supported and invite the person’s legal representative and/or primary contact, if any, to participate in this discussion.

The Action Plan shall include the following information:

  • The procedures that have been implemented to mitigate future risks to the person, including steps to prevent similar occurrences in the future;
  • Verification that the substantiated perpetrator(s) was notified of the outcome of the investigation;
  • A statement of what, if any, disciplinary action, training, reassignment, or any other remediation occurred as a result of the findings of the investigation; and
  • A response to any informational findings contained in the investigation report.

Once the DIDD Investigations Follow-Up Unit and the respective MCO(s) receive the drafted Action Plan, which shall include any concerns or issues identified, DIDD and the respective MCO will have five (5) calendar days to determine if the drafted Action Plan sufficiently addresses all the identified concerns from the Final Investigative Report. If, within those five (5) days, the DIDD Investigations Follow-Up Unit and/or MCO(s) determine additional information is needed, the Provider will be notified and have ten (10) calendar days from that notification to provide the additional requested information.  Action Plans must be performed to completion prior to the closure letter being sent, which is forty-five (45) calendar days from the Final Investigative Report being issued.   

If allegations were not substantiated, an Action Plan is not required. For both substantiated and unsubstantiated investigations, providers must ensure that informational findings are acted upon in a timely manner. DIDD or the MCO can request follow-up action to unsubstantiated Informational Findings, including late reporting.

Action Plan Template

Director of Investigations Follow-Up
Sandy Crabtree

West Tennessee
Sharon D. Miller 
Investigations Follow-Up Coordinator, West 

Middle Tennessee
Susan Fuller 
Investigations Follow-Up Coordinator, Middle 

East Tennessee 
Regina Lewellyn 
Investigations Follow-Up Coordinator, East 
(865) 594-5898