REM Training

RELIAS Administrator Training for Providers

DIDD Relias Global Administrators are currently hosting Relias Administrator Training. The designated Provider Administrator will be responsible for administering/assigning train to all the provider’s staff within the Relias system. This will be for Reportable Event Management trainings and any additional training developed or available within Relias. DIDD Training Staff cannot perform this task for providers in bulk uploads as the deadline for submission has passed. Please contact the DIDD Relias Help Desk for more information on Becoming A DIDD Relias Administrator submit correspondence to

Provider Investigator Training

The REM Group comprised of DIDD, TennCare, and the Managed Care Organizations are pleased to announce a new training platform for Provider Investigators. We have contracted with Labor Relations Alternatives (LRA) to be the official training partner for both Provider and State Investigators. LRA is a national leader in providing training and consultation in the development of incident management systems and conducting investigations for human service agencies and oversight entities. LRA has developed a virtual training platform that will allow for their nationally recognized in-person training to be done in an online forum. The three-day training will be taught by LRA certified DIDD Investigators and will come at no cost to providers. On the fourth day, Provider and State Investigators will be required to take the LRA online exam and a subsequent REM Tier 2 Training (formerly the DIDD One-Day Training), which will also be virtual. After successfully passing the LRA exam and completion of the REM Tier 2 Training, the Provider Investigator will have successfully completed the certification process.

Beginning in January, 2023 we will resume taking registration requests for the LRA training, utilizing the same process as the previous QuiLTSS Institute training. This link will take the provider to the registration page. DIDD will monitor the registrations and ensure all required backgrounds checks have been completed.

If you were previously certified through QuiLTSS Institute or have submitted your LRA certification by the deadline previously announced during the initial rollout of the QuiLTSS Institute training, you will not need to attend the LRA training to become a Certified Provider Investigator. Please send any questions you might have to    

Should you choose to contract with another provider to utilize their certified Provider Investigator, you will be required to follow the same process as any other Business Associate Agreement (BAA). The agreement must address Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Title 33. All BAAs shall be submitted to The BAA must include the identified Provider Investigator(s) selected.

Provider List Legend for Naming Convention


This means DIDD has not received an application for 1-Day Provisional or TQI (The QuILTSS Institute) training from the provider and the provider expressed to DIDD/MCO that they did not want to participate in the REM system.


This applies to providers that are exempt from having a DIDD approved Provider Investigator.  Providers within this category include, but are not limited to, meal delivery, pharmacies, support coordination, mobility, therapies, etc.  


This means that the provider has a staff member that has completed the DIDD 1-Day Provisional training and have been registered to attend the QuILTSS Institute.   They may conduct Tier 2 Investigations while completing the Provider Investigator training in the QuILTSS platform.


This means that the provider has a person identified to attend the QuILTSS Institute.  However, they have not attended or successfully completed the required DIDD 1-Day Provisional Investigator training and cannot conduct any investigations.  


This identifies providers who have registered a staff member to attend DIDD 1-Day Provisional Investigator training during January 2022.


This denotes a provider who is a single-placement and is not required to have a Provider Investigator on staff.  The State will conduct these Tier 2 investigations.


This denotes that the provider has a DIDD approved investigator on staff and has met all requirements for compliance with the REM Provider Investigator.  


This means DIDD has not received an application for the DIDD 1-Day Provisional Investigator training from the provider.