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Protocols & Related Resources

The department has developed protocols to guide the determination of service requests. Following are the protocols with any additional related material.

Protocols & Checklists

Download the Complete Protocols & Checklist Kit below (.zip file)

The complete kit includes all items listed below.
Behavior Services & Checklist
Behavioral Respite Services & Checklist
Employment and Day Services & Checklist
Environmental Modifications & Checklist
Family Model Residential & Checklist
Hospital Attendant & Checklist N/A
Individual Transportation Services & Checklist
Intensive Behavioral Residential Services & Checklist
Medical Residential & Checklist
Nursing Services & Checklist
Nutrition Services & Checklist
Occupational Therapy & Checklist
Orientation and Mobility & Checklist
Personal Emergency Response Systems & Checklist
Personal Assistance & Checklist
Physical Therapy & Checklist
Residential Habilitation & Checklist
Respite & Checklist
Semi-Independent Living Services & Checklist
Specialized Medical Equipment & Checklist
Speech, Language and Hearing Services & Checklist
Supported Living & Checklist
Transitional Case Management & Checklist

Provider Manual & Related Resources

Effective March 15, 2014