Active Students, Active Learners

60 minutes a day the easy way! Physical Education, Before &  Afterschool, Community Engagement, Extracurricular Activities, During School Physical Activity

Incorporating movement before, during and after the school day has been proven to enhance the cognitive capacity of children.  When students are active, they process and retain information more effectively, leading to increased academic performance.  Active students also tend to have greater attention spans, better behavior, and can have better overall mental health.  The Tennessee Departments of Education and Health are teaming to help bring tools, success stories, and evidence to education decision makers that illustrate the immense impacts of physical movement on the whole student, particularly academic performance.  Taken together, movement and educational instruction will help our Tennessee children to be the best learners they can possibly be while creating lasting impacts on their physical and mental health.

“Supported by the Tennessee Department of Education and the Tennessee Department of Health”