Before & After School Activity

Before and After School Kids

Best Practices

Williamson County Schools

Trinity Elementary School has offered before-school activities at least one day a week for over a decade. During that time, students have had the opportunity to participate in a fitness-based "Workout Wednesday," outdoor running groups, cricket, volleyball, gymnastics, ultimate, handball, soccer, basketball, short tennis, and various other activities. Some are open to all grades K-5 for any number of kids, like “Workout Wednesday,” and others are restricted to certain grade levels and numbers based on size or equipment space. Various staff have taken the opportunity to run a before-school activity program, and even parent volunteers assist!

Bradford Special School District

For the past 11 years, the Bradford Special School District’s Coordinated School Health team has had hundreds of students participate in the 100 Mile Club Program, walking and running well over 8,000 miles combined. This year alone, Bradford has 61 students in grades K-6 participating in the afterschool running program four days a week. Students are challenged to run 100 Miles from September to May and are rewarded for each milestone they reach 25, 50, 75, and 100 miles. Through their partnership with the Gibson County Health Department Public Health Educator, Jesse Willhoit, BSSD, offers more than the challenge of running. Students learn valuable lessons during each club meeting, including healthy habits, manners, recycling, teamwork, heart health, community care, and how making good choices creates a safe environment. Students are also encouraged to walk/run at home with their families to create a healthy relationship through physical activity and can turn in 5 miles from home each week. They also receive miles for organized races in our communities. Many running club students have joined the cross-country team since gaining a love for running in the 100 Mile Club Program. Bradford Special School District is proud of the 100 Mile Club and the opportunities it gives students and families.

“I am proud of the great experience that my three boys have gained from running club. Mrs. Dana and Mrs. Tammy do an excellent job teaching the kids about the benefits of running and physical fitness, all while making it fun! I believe that the skills taught in 100 Mile Club help lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle for kids.” – Bradford Special School District Parent

“100 Mile Club is much more than running for my two kids. The coaches meet them and all participants where they are in their abilities and encourage them to be a better ‘mover’ whether that is walking, running, jogging, or a combo of all. My children come home sharing in the excitement for what they have learned. It’s an all-around club that positively impacts our students, families, school, and community.” – Bradford Special School District Parent)

“I will never miss a day of running club!” – BES 3rd grader

“I can’t miss school on Mondays because I can’t miss 100 Mile Club and because I love PE” – BES 2nd Grader

Tools and Resources

Tennessee Healthy Afterschool Pledge

  • The Tennessee Healthy Afterschool Pledge is a program that recognizes out-of-school sites across the state who are committed to advancing the health and wellness of their students. Sites participating in this pledge commit to upholding the three Pledge Principles: prioritizing health promotion goals, providing safe and supporting environments, and promoting equity in programming.

Girls on the Run

  • GOTR is an evidence-based, afterschool program designed to allow girls to participate in a curriculum that includes emotional, social, mental and physical development through physical activity.  The program offers curriculum for 3rd through 5th graders as well as 6th through 8th graders.

Tennessee Department of Health Run Club Toolkit

  • The Tennessee Department of Health developed and provided this toolkit as a resource for those working with school-aged children in the state of Tennessee toward the establishment and expansion of run clubs.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation: Healthy Out of School Time 

  • This resource offers suggestions for indoor and outdoor activities, including football, four-square, volleyball, Up-Down-Stop-Go, All Tangled up, Capture the Flag, Three Lines Basketball, Run-a-thons, etc.  The website offers Games Library and Games Guide with over 1,000 games.

Quaker Get Active

  • The Be Healthy Afterschool Toolkit, developed by Quaker Chewy in collaboration with Afterschool Alliance, is a comprehensive toolkit that includes academic as well as physical activity suggestions. These suggestions include relay games and jump rope races.

CATCH Kids Club

  • CATCH Kids Club (CKC) is a physical activity and nutrition education program designed for elementary and middle school aged children (grades K – 8) in an after-school or summer setting. CKC is composed of nutrition education (including snack activities) and physical activity. The CKC program offers an easy-to-use format that both children and staff enjoy and is easy to implement

SPARK After School Curriculum

  • SPARK AS is designed to provide children and adolescents ages 5-14 with inclusive, highly active movement opportunities that foster social and motor development while maximizing time spent in MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) and fitness pursuits.