SIS Contracts

Contract Period:  Five-year term

Start Date:            July 1, 2019

Final End Date:    June 30, 2024

Vendor Selection and Task Order:

Each EA (district) should complete the following steps:

  1. Competitively compare all SIS vendor products to decide which solution(s) will best meet the needs of the EA (i.e. features, functionality, etc.), following any local requirements, policies, and procedures.
  2. Select if the EA prefers state-hosted or contractor-hosted.
  3. Engage in a selection process with these five approved contractors to obtain the best pricing and functionality that meets EAs budget and needs.
  4. Once a selection is made, complete a Task Order (TO) with the vendor. If the EA requires or wants additional functionality outside of the state contract’s base functionality, a Statement of Work (SOW) can be agreed upon and added to the TO.
  5. Complete a Participating Agreement (PA) and provide a copy of the TO, SOW, and PA to the State.

Contact Information:


Steven Sanders, Director

Office of District Technology

Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE)


Edupoint Educational Services

Mark Wilson

1955 S. Val Vista Drive, Suite 200

Mesa, AZ  85204


Follett Schools Solutions

Mike Czukar

1391 Corporate Drive

McHenry, IL  60050


Infinite Campus, Inc.

Jesse Pope

4321 109th Avenue NE

Blaine, MN  55449


PowerSchool Group LLC

James Swaney

150 Parkshore Drive 

Folsom, CA  95630


Skyward, Inc.

Chris Casey

2601 Skyward Drive

Stevens Point, WI  54482

Yes, for compliance with state reporting and to ensure all EAs are receiving the expected level of service, all EAs must purchase their SIS through one of the approved contracts.

Edupoint Educational Systems (Contract 61796), Follett School Solutions (Contract 61797), Inc., Infinite Campus, Inc. (Contract 61798), PowerSchool Group LLC (Contract 61799), and Skyward, Inc. (Contract 61801)

Each EA will complete a Participating Agreement (PA) to signify their contractor selection.  This PA will supersede all existing PAs.

Yes, EAs can choose if they prefer State-hosted or Vendor-hosted for their SIS solution and will need to mark this selection on the PA; however, SIS hosting will result in hosting charges from the SIS vendor.

  1. Contractor Hosting:  Contractor Hosting is where the Contractor provides a turnkey software as a service (SaaS) solution from a data center or hosting facility.  The Contractor will have an additional fee for Contactor hosting.
  2. State Hosting:  State Hosting is when the vendor deploys the Student Information System to a (“Microsoft Azure”) subscription owned by the State.

If an EA is currently self-hosted, it may remain self-hosted.  If the EA is not currently using a self-hosted model, self-hosting will not be an option.

Yes, the ADM prices in the contract are maximum prices and the State encourages EAs to compare all features/functionality and to obtain specific best-pricing quotes if the EA is considering to move to a new SIS package.

Per the terms of the contract, if an EA requires or wants additional functionality outside of the State contracts’ base functionality, an agreement can be reached between the EA and the Contractor by means of a Task Order and/or Statement of Work. 

Yes.  A district may change their current SIS vendor by completing a new PA and submitting to the State by March 1, preceding the new school year.  The EA must also notify its current SIS vendor at least 90 days before the start of the new school year and work with both vendors on the transition plan.

The TO form specifies the order agreement between the Contractor and the EA and binds both parties to the contract for the requested services.