T-Mobile Tech for TN Students

As traditional learning models are being replaced with more agile, collaborative, and technology-based methods, student access to connectivity is more critical now than ever. Through the Project 10 Million program, T-Mobile is committed to providing free high-speed data access to 10 million student households across America- providing access to education outside the scheduled school day.

"Connectivity is so much bigger and broader than just making sure a child has a device and a computer. It's about opening a world of experiences, and opportunities to see, hear, and learn about a world that expands beyond the classroom."

– Dr. Kiesha King, National Education Administrator, T-Mobile for Education

Through this partnership, over 40,000 student connectivity devices with data service will be provided annually to qualifying Tennessee school districts, each with access to high-speed data for five years. Participating districts are eligible to apply for a new device allocation each school year to support households that have an outstanding unmet need.

Supporting student connectivity can help maximize instructional outcomes by offering educators a more dynamic way to present information and engage students beyond the classroom. Connectivity devices can be leveraged for uses in alignment with district initiatives such as 1:1 Device implementation, Extended Learning Experiences; STEM/STEAM programs; Dual-Credit; Credit Recovery; Medical Home Bound. Districts will have a choice for each device's data allowance, and options range from 100GB of annual data for free to unlimited data for $15 per month (plus taxes and fees).

First, districts need to review the program documentation and submit a Program Application using the link on this page.  After the application is received, a member of the district technology team or the T-Mobile team will be in touch with the next steps.