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2018-19 Early Learning 2.0 Training Materials

Spring 2019 Materials and Facilitator Guide

2018-19 Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM) Teacher Evaluation, Evaluator Handbook

The updated TEAM handbook includes:

  • TEAM Observation Guidance: Early Childhood Educators (pgs. 86-88)
  • TEAM Observation Guidance: Pre-K Educators (pgs. 89-102)

Quality Matters: Defining Quality in Early Education

As Tennessee strives to ensure that all students succeed in kindergarten and beyond, the department has developed a definition of quality for early childhood programs that includes three components: program management, teaching and learning, and continuous quality improvement.

Please review the Office of Early Learning's quality document for a more thorough description of each component.

2018 TDOE Early Childhood Summit

Download the zip file of the presentations listed below.

  • Making DAP Work!
    – Mr. Peter Pizzolongo: Early Ed Consulting
  • What If We Really Used Research to Guide Our Practice?
    – Dr. Sharon Ritchie: UNC Chapel Hill
  • Big Day for Pre-K: Implementation Overview (handouts only)
    – Ms. Kerri Travis and Ms. Tracy Kourtney: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Developing Life Changing Early Childhood Teachers: A CLASS Overview
    – Ms. Sedra Spano and Ms. Amy Marciniak: Teachstone Training
  • How the Preschool Development Grant (PDG) Impacted the Shelby County Pre-K Journey
    – Dr. DeAnna McClendon: Shelby County Schools
  • Implementing the Pyramid Model in Early Childhood Settings
    – Dr. Mary Louise Hemmeter: Peabody Research Institute, Vanderbilt University
  • It’s All Routine: Promoting Teacher Reflection and Growth in Peer Learning Communities
    – Ms. Marsha Hawley, Mr. Chris Miller, and Ms. Mary Joyce Robbins: Ounce of Prevention Fund
  • Pre-K Advocacy in Tennessee
    – Ms. Lisa Wiltshire and Mr. Mike Carpenter: Tennesseans for Quality Early Education
  • Reflections and Lessons Learned in Implementation of High Quality Pre-K through the Preschool Development Grant - Expansion (PDG-E)
    – Mrs. Dana Eckman, Ms. Holly Stone, Ms. Mariana Merritt, and Ms. Phyllis Phillips: Metro Nashville Public Schools
  • Supporting Teachers to Implement Effective Practices: An Evidence Based Coaching
    – Dr. Mary Louise Hemmeter: Peabody Research Institute, Vanderbilt University
  • Tools and Strategies for Implementation of Connect 4 Learning
    – Dr. Laura Bailet: Kaplan Early Learning Company
  • Why Counting Counts: What Matters in Early Math Learning
    – Kathy Fitzgerald: University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Working toward a Shared Definition of High Quality Pre-K Practices: The Magic 8
    – Dr.  Caroline Christopher: Peabody Research Institute, Vanderbilt University

*If not listed, the presentation was not released to be shared

Download the zip file containing the TDOE presentations

  • Blended Funding Panel
    – Ms. Belva Weathersby, Head Start State Collaboration Office Director
    – Panelists (non-TDOE): Ms. Anne Barger: Wilson County Schools; Mr. Walter Butler: Wayne County Schools; Ms. Ariel Ford: Mayor’s Office of Early Learning, Chattanooga; and Ms. Sherronda Thompson: Family Resource Agency, Tennessee Head Start
  • Curriculum and Instructional Materials Implementation
    – Dr. Elizabeth Alves, Assistant Commissioner of Teaching and Learning, and Dr. Darlene Estes-Del Re, Executive Director of the Office of Early Learning
  • ECERS & ELLCO: The 5 Ws
    – Ms. Ginny Renfroe, Education Consultant, Preschool Development Expansion Grant
  • An Introduction to Building Strong Brains: Strategies for Educators
    – Ms. Beth Vorhaus, Education Consultant, Preschool Development Expansion Grant
  • Monitoring Made Simple (handouts only)
    – Ms. Misty Moody, Director of School-based Support Services and Early Literacy Matters
  • Preschool Inclusion: It Can Work!
    – Ms. Colleen Vandyke, IDEA 619 Consultant – East Tennessee, and Ms. Phara Williams, IDEA 619 Consultant – West Tennessee