School Resource Officers (SROs) Programs

Law enforcement and local education agencies have a long history of partnering together for the safety of students.  Strong relationships have strengthened the ability of both agencies to prepare for and respond to criminal and/or threatening incidents that occur in school settings. School resource officer programs provide the crucial link between school districts and law enforcement agencies in their continued efforts to establish and maintain secure and safe learning environments. 

The information provided in this website will serve as a tool for school resource officers, administrators, teachers, parents and students.

Recommended Employment Standards for SROs

TCA 49-6-42 provides that the Commissioner of Education working with the Commissioner of Safety recommend “employment standards for the eligibility, qualifications and training requirements for school resource officers.”  Below you will find those employment standard recommendations.  You will also find guidelines for effective partnerships between local education and law enforcement agencies.  Additionally, a contemporary definition of a school resource officer has been included.  Several sample memorandums of understanding have also been included as examples for school districts.   

Recommended Employment Standards for the Eligibility, Qualifications, and Training Requirements for School Resource Officers in Tennessee

School Resources Officers Defined and Employment Standards