Continuous Learning Plans

On June 22, 2020, the Tennessee State Board of Education promulgated the Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) Emergency Rule 0520-01-17 and Policy 3.210. Based on that rule and policy, the Tennessee Department of Education produced a template and rubric to support the development of the CLPs. 

Plan Revision Process:

The department outlined a clear and consistent revision process that is streamlined and clarifies what requires a revision to a district or public charter school CLP. Only substantive changes to CLPs must be approved by the department.  This document includes guidance on what constitutes a substantive change, and also serves as the form to upload into ePlan to request a revision.


As part of the State Board of Education Rule 0520-01-17, the department was tasked with submitting two reports to the SBE to report on the CLP process and implementation in districts for the 2020-21 school year. The first report collected data and information through a brief survey districts and charter schools completed.  To prepare the second report on CLP implementation during the 2020-21 school year, the department worked with a subset of districts across the state to produce case studies designed to capture successes, challenges, and lessons learned from remote learning experiences. These case studies were added as an appendix to the mid-year report, and additional end-of-year updates were embedded throughout. 

Approved Continuous Learning Plans: 

Last Updated: September 9,2021 at 3:50 p.m. CT

District/School Name Link to CLP
Achievement School District CLP
Alamo CLP
Alcoa CLP
Alvin C York Institute CLP
Anderson County CLP
Arlington CLP
Arrow Academy of Excellence CLP
Athens CLP
Aurora Collegiate Academy, Inc. CLP
Bartlett CLP
Beacon College Preparatory CLP

Bedford County

Believe Memphis Academy Charter School CLP
Bells City CLP
Benton County CLP
Bledsoe County CLP
Blount County CLP
Bluff City High School CLP
Bradford CLP
Bradley County CLP
Brick Church: A LEAD Public School CLP
Bristol CLP
Campbell County CLP
Cannon County CLP
Carter County CLP
Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence CLP
Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence Middle CLP
Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy CLP
Chattanooga Preparatory School CLP
Cheatham County CLP
Chester County CLP
Circles Of Success Learning Academy CLP
City University Girls Preparatory CLP
City University School of Independence CLP
City University School Of Liberal Arts CLP
Clay County CLP
Cleveland CLP
Clinton CLP
Cocke County CLP
Coffee County CLP
Coleman CLP
Collierville CLP
Compass Community School - Berclair CLP
Compass Community School - Binghampton CLP
Compass Community School - Frayser CLP
Compass Community School - Hickory Hill CLP
Compass Community School - Midtown CLP
Compass Community School - Orange Mound CLP
Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus CLP
Cornerstone Prep Lester Campus CLP
Cumberland County CLP
Davidson County CLP
Dayton CLP
Decatur County CLP
DeKalb County CLP
Dickson County CLP
Dyer County CLP
Dyersburg CLP
East Academy CLP
East End Prep CLP
Elizabethton CLP
Etowah CLP
Fairley High School CLP
Fayette County Public Schools CLP
Fayetteville CLP
Franklin County CLP
Franklin SSD CLP
Freedom Preparatory Academy CLP
Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter Elementary CLP
Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter School, Sherwood Forest Campus CLP
Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter Schools CLP
Freedom Preparatory Elementary CLP
Germantown CLP
Gibson Co Sp Dist CLP
Giles County CLP
Granville T. Woods Academy of Innovation CLP
Greene County CLP
Greeneville CLP
Grundy County CLP
Hamblen County CLP
Hamilton County CLP
Hancock County CLP
Hanley Elementary CLP
Hanley Middle CLP
Hardin County CLP
Hawkins County CLP
Haywood County CLP
Henderson County CLP
Henry County CLP
Hickman County CLP
Hillcrest High School CLP
Humes Preparatory Academy Middle School CLP
Humphreys County CLP
Intrepid College Preparatory Incorporated CLP
Ivy Academy, Inc. CLP
Jackson County CLP
Jefferson County CLP
Johnson City CLP
Johnson County CLP
KA@The Crossing CLP
Kingsport CLP
KIPP Academy Nashville CLP
KIPP Antioch College Prep Elementary CLP
KIPP Antioch College Prep Middle CLP
KIPP Kirkpatrick Elementary School CLP
KIPP Nashville College Prep CLP
KIPP Nashville College Prep Elementary CLP
KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School CLP
Kirby Middle School CLP
Knowledge Academy CLP
Knowledge Academy High CLP
Knox County CLP
Lakeland CLP
Lauderdale County CLP
Lawrence County CLP
Lead Academy CLP
LEAD Cameron CLP
LEAD Southeast CLP
Leadership Preparatory Charter School CLP
Lebanon CLP
Lenoir City CLP
Lester Prep CLP
Lexington CLP
Libertas School CLP
Liberty Collegiate Academy CLP
Lincoln County CLP
Loudon County CLP
Madison County CLP
Manchester CLP
Marion County CLP
Marshall County CLP
Martin Luther King Preparatory High School CLP
Maryville CLP
McMinn County CLP
Meigs County CLP
Memphis Academy Of Health Sciences CLP
Memphis Academy of Health Sciences High School CLP
Memphis Business Academy Elementary CLP
Memphis Business Academy Hickory Hill Elementary School CLP
Memphis Business Academy Hickory Hill Middle School CLP
Memphis Business Academy High School CLP
Memphis Business Academy Middle CLP
Memphis College Preparatory CLP
Memphis Delta Prep CLP
Memphis Grizzlies Preparatory Charter School CLP
Memphis Merit CLP
Memphis Rise Academy CLP
Memphis Scholars Caldwell-Guthrie CLP
Memphis Scholars Florida Kansas CLP
Memphis Scholars Raleigh-Egypt CLP
Memphis School of Excellence CLP
Memphis School of Excellence Elementary CLP
Memphis School of Excellence Elementary Cordova CLP
Memphis STEM Academy CLP
Milan CLP
Millington Municipal Schools CLP
Monroe County CLP
Moore County CLP
Morgan County CLP
Murfreesboro CLP
Nashville Classical Inc. CLP
Nashville Prep CLP
Neely's Bend: A LEAD Public School CLP
Newport CLP
Oak Ridge CLP
Obion County CLP
Oneida CLP
Overton County CLP
Paris CLP
Pathways in Education - Frayser CLP
Pathways in Education - Whitehaven CLP
Perea Elementary CLP
Perry County CLP
Pickett County CLP
Polk County CLP
Power Center Academy Elementary CLP
Power Center Academy Elementary - Southeast CLP
Power Center Academy High School CLP
Power Center Academy Middle CLP
Power Center Academy Middle - Southeast CLP
Promise Academy CLP
Promise Academy - Spring Hill CLP
Purpose Prep CLP
Putnam County CLP
RePublic High School CLP
Rhea County CLP
Roane County CLP
Robertson County CLP
Rogersville CLP
Rutherford County CLP
Scott County CLP
Sequatchie County CLP
Sevier County CLP
Shelby County CLP
Smith County CLP
Soulsville Charter School CLP
South Carroll CLP
Star Academy CLP
STEM Prep Academy CLP
STEM Prep High CLP
Stewart County CLP
Stewart County CLP
Stewart County CLP
Strive Collegiate Academy Charter School CLP
Sumner County CLP
Sweetwater CLP
Tennessee School for the Deaf CLP
Tipton County CLP
Trenton CLP
Trousdale County CLP
Tullahoma CLP
Unicoi County CLP
Union City CLP
Valor Flagship Academy CLP
Valor Voyager Academy CLP
Van Buren County CLP
Veritas College Preparatory CLP
Vision Prep CLP
Warren County CLP
Washington County CLP
West Tennessee School for the Deaf CLP
White County CLP
Williamson County CLP
Wilson County CLP
Wooddale Middle School CLP