Intervention Resources

PBS Learning Media: In partnership with the Public Broadcast System (PBS) and Tennessee’s affiliate stations, the department has developed a series of short online learning tools for educators. The RTI2 tool provides educators with a brief summary of RTI2

 Universal Screener Criteria: The Criteria for Selecting an Intervention in Reading, Mathematics and Writing is designed to help educators evaluate RTI² intervention materials for reading, mathematics and writing.

Phonological Awareness Skills Screener - The Phonological Awareness Skills Screener (PASS) is an informal assessment designed for students in kindergarten through second grade, but it can be used with older students who are experiencing difficulty developing phonological awareness. This informal assessment is designed to help teachers detect students who may be at-risk for reading and spelling difficulties. Email for the password to access this resource.

Phonics and Word Reading Survey - The Phonics and Word Reading Survey (PWRS) is an informal assessment tool that may be used for identifying which phonics correspondences and patterns a student has learned and which ones a student needs to be taught. It is designed for use with students in the second half of Kindergarten through grade 12. It may be used after the Universal Screening to help place students in interventions specific to the area of need. Email for the password to access this resource.