Information for Reviewers

The commission, through its chair, may recruit and appoint an advisory panel of expert teachers and other experts in each subject area or grade level to advise the commission on textbook and instructional material selections.

  • Teachers appointed to the advisory panels shall possess a license to teach with an endorsement in the subject area or grade level for which they shall review textbooks or instructional materials.
  • Experts, who are not public school teachers, may include college professors and credentialed subject matter specialists.
  • All members of advisory panels must have a specific knowledge of and expertise in the content of the subject matter contained in the textbooks or instructional materials they review.

Teachers and other experts interested in being on the state advisory panel for their subject area must submit an application that will be reviewed through a rigorous selection process. Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of subject area experts/consultants, Tennessee Department of Education staff members, and members of the State Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission. The Chairman of the Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission will approve the final list of advisory panelists, and will present the list to the Commission for acknowledgement at their spring meeting.