Laws, Rules, and Policies

The following laws pertaining to textbooks in Tennessee can be found by searching Tennessee Code at Lexis Nexis.

Title 49, Chapter 3, Part 310 Textbook and other instructional supplies

  • 49-3-310. Textbooks and other instructional materials. —

Title 49, Chapter 6, Part 22 Textbooks

  • 49-6-2201. State textbook and instructional materials quality commission.
  • 49-6-2202. Listing of approved textbooks and instructional materials.
  • 49-6-2203. Contracts with publishers.
  • 49-6-2204. Distribution of contracted textbooks and instructional materials.
  • 49-6-2205. Emergency rules for textbook adoption.
  • 49-6-2206. Use of unapproved books and instructional materials.
  • 49-6-2207. Adoption of textbooks and instructional materials by local board.
  • 49-6-2208. Disposal of surplus textbooks and instructional materials.
  • 49-6-2209. Existing contracts preserved.
  • 49-6-2210. Reserved
  • 49-6-2211 Student access to textbooks

Rules of the State Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission

0520-5-1 Supplement to Contract-Policies of Tennessee State Textbook Commission

State Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission Policies

Commission Objectives & Operations:




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Manufacturing Standards and Specifications for Textbooks