TN Teacher Jobs Connection

All students deserve to learn from an excellent teacher, but high-quality applicants may not be aware of all openings available to them in Tennessee. With over 1,200 teaching vacancies across the state of Tennessee, and a pandemic that has limited traditional recruiting methods, the department launched this new initiative to support districts in finding and hiring great teachers. 

The TN Teacher Jobs Connection will serve as a central location for interested applicants to connect with teaching opportunities in the state’s 147 districts. 

How can a job-seeker participate?

Any educator interested in a new teaching role in Tennessee is welcome to submit their information to the department through the form below. By participating, all individuals agree to have their information shared widely, as the department will provide your information to all 147 school districts.

Teachers who wish to be included, should submit their information:   

All districts will receive submissions on a weekly basis and if interested, will contact you directly to discuss opportunities and request more information. 

Who should participate?

TN Teacher Jobs Connection is open to educators who are both currently licensed to teach in Tennessee, as well as recent graduates, or out-of-state job seekers who are not yet licensed. Teachers who are not yet licensed may also participate because they may be in process of getting their Tennessee teaching license and/or a district could potentially hire them on a permit.

More information on acquiring a Tennessee teaching license here

How will districts receive job seeker information?

The department’s Human Capital team will send out information collected from interested educators to the Tennessee Association of School Personnel Administrators (TASPA) listserv on a weekly basis. TASPA members, who serve as human resource professionals for Tennessee districts, can then contact these educators and ask them to apply to their district. 

The goal is to connect districts and schools with teachers who may not know about openings or opportunities available.