Charter School Operators & Authorizers

Tennessee law requires each public charter school to report certain information on an annual basis. The required information is submitted to the chartering authority and the State. The information in annual reports should help school operators, chartering authorities, policymakers, and parents make decisions that will lead to improving achievement of all public school students.

Charter school operators may use annual reports to measure progress toward the goals outlined in their charter, adjust operations based on this information, and gauge the likelihood of renewal of their charters. Chartering authorities may use annual reports to provide effective oversight of charter schools, share best practices across all schools in their jurisdiction, and to make renewal, nonrenewal or revocation decisions. Operators, authorizers, and policymakers may use annual reports to measure the return on investment in schools and programs. They may then use this information to support existing high-performing schools and programs, foster more innovative school models, and decrease the number of low-performing schools.

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